Account Inactivity - Maintaining login without specific client modes

Certain cloud services will delete your data if you haven’t logged in for awhile. Each varies.

  1. Does oDrive perform routine login attempts to maintain activity with certain cloud services that have mandatory login requirements?

  2. How often, if these exist, are these “handshakes” done?

  3. Is it safe to uninstall client modes/desktop agents and rely solely on oDrive maintaining an active login with these services?

Hi @tony_l_sullivan,

odrive will request new tokens when the old ones expire, but only as a result of a user or client request. If there aren’t any requests, then the tokens will not be refreshed.

There would ultimately need to be a request to the storage service, in some form.

Without any clients, would your goal be to use odrive solely as a way to maintain an active session to your storage services?

@Tony Sorry that was a poor choice of words on my part. I meant to “maintain an active status with these services”. Yes, my ultimate goal is to remove all desktop agents and needing to do manual web logins to keep accounts actives and rely sole on oDrive for management

Hi @tony_l_sullivan,
Thanks for the clarification.

odrive “active” clients (desktop and agent) will definitely make routine requests in the background to the remote storage as part of maintaining sync. If they encounter a session exception they will refresh the tokens.

The odrive web client will do this in an on-demand fashion when receiving an active user request (interacting with the storage or when an external user accesses an odrive shared link).

However, the storage may have a hard requirement for actual login, rather than token refreshes. This means that even though odrive is maintaining a session and making requests, it may not be enough if the storage service requires a full-blown login sequence.

Which storage accounts do you currently have linked where this is a requirement?

None so far. There was an incident with I think Mega(?) or one of those services where data got deleted because it wasn’t signed into for a period of time. I just did a quick look for another example and at the very top is 4Shared which doesn’t announce that your data is at risk of deletion until you get down into the TOS.

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Update: Microsoft has a similar policy (and I assume Google). If an account hasn’t been signed in for 2 years then it will be deactivated. A universal solution appears to be “Recurring sign-on” built into the program that fires off say once a month/every 30 days.