Accidental Deletion prevention

I have a user that is looking to make sure that he can simply delete files that have been synced with odrive but does not want them to be deleted from the source. He’s currently got them deleted and is getting a notification that if they are deleted from trash they will be removed from the source (procore). Are there permissions I can set to ensure that users cannot delete files from source?

Hi @OdriveUser123,
The odrive trash is meant to serve as protection against accidental local deletes making it to the cloud, but if you empty the odrive trash, it will sync those local deletes to the cloud storage to maintain bi-directional sync.

Why does the user want to delete the files locally? If it is to free-up space, they should be using the unsync feature, instead.

Using unsync may be the correct solution for the issue - but is there a way the prevent my users from being able to delete? Can I turn off their ability to do it entirely?

Hi @OdriveUser123,

The user should be informed that this is the wrong way to go about this. Deleting local items just to free-up space is going to cause confusion down the line. For example, the user may want to access those files at a later time, but they will not be visible to them on the local filesystem.

Blocking deletes, completely, can also introduce issues with moves, where a move from one location to another may actually be a delete and add. Without the ability to delete, the file will remain in the old location and also exist in the new location.

The supported method for freeing-up space is using unsync and not deleting the local files.

This all being said, the options available are:

  1. Remove the ability to delete using Procore permissions. This will block it at the cloud storage level, and ensure that nothing can be deleted, even outside of odrive.
  2. Set the advanced feature option to disable remote deletes.

Again, completely blocking deletes can have some negative side-effects on overall sync, user/team perception, and local ↔ remote reflection, which is why I don’t recommend it.

Also keep in mind that Procore has a cloud trash that can always be restored from, if the user ends-up deleting something in Procore.

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Thanks Tony! Appreciate it!

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