Accessing .cloud and .cloudf files programatically

We currently use DropBox to store files and access these in our application. I would love to switch to odrive to allow us to make use of placeholders and save disk space. Is it possible to access the files in .NET and have odrive sync the file?

For example lets say this file path exists.
this is simple enough.

Now using odrive and place holders we have this path
How do we access the file that would exist in

Thanks for any help


The answer is yes. We are about to release a command line utility as well as an API to the odrive client. You will be able to sync and unsync files programmatically from .NET. The feature is designed for your use case. The feature is almost ready for release. If you would like to preview and help test the feature, please let me know.


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Hi Peter,

Yes I would love to give the API a test.


I hope a version for Mac users is in the pipeline too :wink:

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Iā€™d love to help test the Mac version of this.