Access to Encrypted folders after PC reset - Win 10


OS = Window 10.

When you first create an Encryption folder (on the web interface), it asks that the folder be empty. So then you sync some files and then decide to unsync the files so there are no files on the local hard drive.

Can you please confirm that if I need to reset my PC and install Odrive from fresh again, that the Encryption folders will still be accessible with my files because the Encryption folders will not be empty (in the cloud) anymore.

I am asking because soon I will need to reset my device and make fresh again and I am planning to
unsync all files before I do, even the encrypted files, so I just want to make sure that I can get access to the encrypted folders and files again. Or do I need to keep a local copy and re-upload them later.

Might seem like an obvious question, but I am unsure.


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Unsyncing will only remove the locally cached data. The data stored on your remote storage will remain intact.

Encrypted data is self-contained, so it is portable across systems running odrive. When you sync it down on your reset PC, it will ask you for the encryption passphrase. Once you enter the right passphrase you will be able to sync down the data and odrive will unencrypt it for use.

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