Access odrive by router via WebDav

My router allows to anounce content to my home network from (one) internet source “mounted” by WebDav. So my request would be to get acces to my “odrive collection” via WebDav.

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Hi @Patchwork76,
Can you explain what you are looking to do in a little more detail? It sounds like you want a WebDAV interface to odrive, is that correct? If so, why are you looking for that instead of just using odrive to access the disparate content?

It’s that simple:

Cloud -> via protocoll “X” -> odrive -> via WebDAV -> (my) router -> via DLNA/UPnP -> all of my devices (e.g. AVR, NAS, celular, computer, …) within my network/wlan

I see. Thanks for the feedback.
We do not provide a general WebDAV client interface to odrive so this isn’t something that is currently possible.

I know … that’s why I put this in feature request :wink:

Would be (in my case) a very nice feature …

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Have you tried it by changing the IP address?