Ability to pause and resume large file uploads

From the docs on the website there is mention of a “Pause Sync” right click menu option. See screenshot.
I don’t have this menu option (I am running the latest 6646 build for windows)
Has this option been deprecated?

Here is what I want to do:
I am in the middle of uploading about 300GB to OD4B. Each file is 14.5GB. I want to pause sync to do a reboot but don’t want to lose any partial uploads.
Since I don’t have the “Pause Sync” option, will the “Stop automatic sync” option achieve the same thing?
I’m referring to the option under right click of the app tray icon and then under syncing changes (see second screenshot)

Hey @sean,
“Pause sync” was basically renamed to “Stop automatic sync”. A large part of why we changed the verbiage is because of what you are talking about, where “pause” connotes that uploads would pause exactly where they are and then continue later (which was not the case).

This also highlights that we need to update our documentation, because it is also confusing the way the description is worded and the image is obviously out of date. I think there was initially a reluctance to use “Stop sync”, although I can’t remember why, exactly. Some odd marketing rationale, most likely :wink:

The ability to resume after stopping sync or restarting the client isn’t something that we support right now and would probably take quite a bit of work to implement, but I certainly understand the value of being able to do something like this, so I’ve switched this to a feature request.

On a different note, since you are uploading several large files, you may be able to benefit from some sync parameter tuning, depending on your upload capabilities (and Microsoft tolerances). Here is some additional information on that, if you want to try it out:

Recommended "premium_conf.txt" settings for gigabit connection?

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Thanks @Tony ,

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