Ability to link OpenDrive

Since Amazon Cloud Drive is not anymore unlimited. A good option of unlimited space (for less money) it is OpenDrive.

Can you do guys something to re add this option. I know that was as an option, maybe there is some solution to fix issues with OpenDrive.

A big thanks in advance.

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Hi @videoandesign,
It is something we may revisit in the future. If OpenDrive addressed the issue we were encountering then we will also flip it back on. I imagine, however, that if OpenDrive became very popular for its unlimited storage and the data hoarders that were on Amazon jumped to OpenDrive, it could run into the same problems that Amazon did and find it unsustainable.

Hi, You are right Tony, it can be such a scenario.

But not only OpenDrive is offering unlimited storage, there are several cloud storage, and not all people will migrate to OpenDrive because they doesn’t have a lot of option in order to display photos, videos… etc.

My data is below 10TB and for me its enough.