Ability to link Flickr

Compliment for the software.
Id like to know if we have some chances to syncronize Flickr with odrive.
Thanks again


We’ve talked about adding Flickr on several occasions, but the project never gets past planning. A critical roadblock is product design. It is not clear how odrive should integrate with Flickr, and it is not clear what value odrive can add to the Flickr experience.

If you are an avid Flickr user, please let us know how you want odrive to work with Flickr, and why a Flickr users would want to use odrive.


Hello Peter,
Flickr is a good and free solution to backup video or foto with1,000 GB of free storage.
Now there’s a desktop tool to automatically send photos to the service but dont permit synchronization.
It’s simply an uploader tool for backup.
I am using odrive with google drive and is a very good experience. Will be interesting have the same experience using Flickr too.

Luca Bizzotto

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Hello Peter,

I once tried Flickr as my photo repository but I gave up exactly why I couldn’t find any reliable syncing method.

Flickr seemed to be a great choice with decent free storage space from which I could view and share photos and videos through the web (even though video size limitation was quite annoying).

However I also wanted to have a local copy of this repository for offline working, fast access and backing up to another source for safety. A syncing solution would fit this perfectly. I’ve tried photoSync which had the features I need but unfortunately it was not trustworthy for such sensitive information.

I’d love to have this feature in odrive so I could try this again. I’d also like to see a Google Play Music link for similar reasons.



I am an avid Flickr user because I found it a great place to store my growing collection of photos online which also doubles as an online host for my photos whose image links I use for my blog. Having a tool that allows syncing to Flickr would be of great help especially for me who uploads numerous images at a time.

Also, a competitor is offering syncing with Flickr and I hope to see it as well here, having been comfortable with the way odrive works for me so far.


i have used till now Flickr Uploadr, the original tool of Flickr.
But wasnt possible video’s upload and from now is only a pay service for pro users.
I hope really odrive can realize this sync too.

Flickr: 1000GB free, so I signed up! Looked into the possibility of using Flickr’s Uploadr, used it and found it underwhelming, wasn’t a good desktop syncing app. I didn’t mind paying for a good desktop sync app, if I could find one.

Fast forward, I found odrive when looking for a solution to using multiple Google Drives. I love odrive for its simple and effective way of syncing multiple cloud storage, it’s absolutely amazing!
But I was disappointed when I found out I couldn’t use odrive to sync my Flickr, as it would have been great to have the similar infrastructure applied for Flickr.

My needs for odrive’s Flickr sync would be somewhat basic:

  1. Similar to all odrive syncs, two-way syncing using the folder; meaning what is already existing is downloaded into folder, new files put inside are uploaded from folder, deletion from folder are updated.

  2. Photos are placed in their respective subfolders with Album/Collection names.

  • As Flickr has two ways of grouping stuff for organising photos: Albums and Collections, this is something that should be taken into consideration for development of Folder auto generation for Flickr desktop sync.

Album: contains ONLY photos, no other albums or collections inside.
Collection: contains ONLY Albums _ or_ ONLY (other) Collections (each can be either a Collection of Albums or Collection of Collections),

Translating into Folder formatting:

an Album will become a folder of only photos, with no other folders inside (most basic form)

a Collection will become either

  • a folder that contains only Albums
  • a folder that contains only folders that are non-Album (each folder can be either a folder containing only Albums _ or_ folder containing only Collections.)
    (This would probably be much clearer with a visual aid, oh well.)

*Note: Collections can be nested 5 deep. - source: Flickr site

Edit: On hindsight, I feel it could be potentially hard to code/confusing for users to have Collection functionality, which would be better off being organised in the web interface + it could be impossible to implement due to Flickr’s restrictions/permissions.
For it to work, the Collection folder must recognise that an Album placed in it is not a new Album but an existing one being placed in it (thus no new album being uploaded), and my suggestion would be to have a “Add to new Collection” in right-click context menu for Albums or something similar.
Edit2: Perhaps it would be better to leave Collections as KIV or a later update to Flickr syncing. Programs I’ve tried in the past few days left out Collections presumably from one of the reasons I’ve listed (photoSync etc.)

It would really be great to see Flickr being added to the list of Cloud storage supported, I’m sure many of us odrive users would be happy. Hope you guys can consider working on this, and thank you for the great work thus far! :smiley:


Another vote for Flickr syncing to manage photos locally and be able to delete/upload like other cloud services.

There is currently an app in the Flickr app garden that has attempted this, but in my experience had flaws.

odrive has soooo much potential & soooo many opportunities !
Soooo much soooo that it can bring together many people and millions of users true cloud storage happiness !

I too would like to see, sync and utilize all of that free 1TB of Flickr photo & video and Yahoo email storage spaces. With Yahoo and Flickr’s shortcomings, stagnation and underwhelming interface, slow upload performance and user-unfriendliness, producing unsatisfactory user-experience, more and more of their user base are flickering out and signing up with their more innovative and up to speed competitors. The free 1TB of storage space Yahoo is giving away is almost one of their last gasp to keep loyal users onboard and an enticing carrot to hook new users in.

With the uncertainty of Yahoo and Flickr ever improving themselves, their users are looking, in the mean time, for a light to make their online photo & video storage experience more enjoyable and expedient, especially in uploading and syncing. I believe odrive can be the oil that makes these millions of Flickr and Yahoo users happy and keep them from flickering out, as well as increase odrive’s happiness with a big explosion of new satisfied customers, enough to shout, YAHOO !!!

I would think that, like myself, many odrive users would not only want to sync and have access to their data, docs, music, programs, etc., in the cloud, but also of course, their gigs of photos and videos. The nice thing with Flickr, and a few other online photo & video sites, is that we, family & friends can also view, share and enjoy our multitude of photos & videos in the cloud. But, the main thing for us odrive users is to be able to easily sync our photo & video collections between our desktop original files with our online backup files (like Google Drive) and with our online viewing & sharing files (like Flickr).

I eagerly look forward to the day when odrive adds and becomes in sync with Flickr & Yahoo.
Thanks, odrive !!!


I am also adding my vote for Flickr. I have close to 120,000 photos on Flickr, and the inability to synchronize as well as Flickr’s penchant to create duplicates creates many headaches.

Adding my vote for Flickr \o/

Bring us this opportunity

I am exactly stepping away from Flickr because of the lack of syncing the service with my computer and hving an easy way of getting my pictures shot with different equipment back at my NAS in an easy way.

Would really like to be able to sync photos between my pc and flickr account using odrive. Please add the functionality asap!

+1 to flickr integration!

Having the ability to access files on Flickr and to mainly add them in a way that prevents the need from running that bloaty Flickr client on your machine. Again, having everything under one roof makes the most sense. Of course, being sure that all picture files preserve EXIF data is crucial. I am not sure where Flickr determines when photos are dupes, but if it is at ingestion time, this would need to happen too. Finally, some means to connect Apple Photos from Icloud (from a local context of course) would be excellent so you no longer have to use some other janky third part app to collect raw pictures you took. It takes them right from the Apple Photo gallery.

+1 on the Flickr integration request. Biggest key beyond basic file sync is, as others have mentioned, EXIF data.

I think this would be great. Not only would it mean that you could take advantage of the free storage but it would give you a way to access photos that you have previously uploaded over the course of the years. I am a user of LinkedIn and I usually use Lightroom to sync my current photos. The problem I have is accessing and updating the images that I added before I started using Lightroom and others that were added in a previous generation of Lightroom on a different computer.

I think a problem to look out for is the fact that Flickr is not very sweet in its online organisation when it comes to dealing with the images that you want to make public and the ones that you do not. So I would want to be able to make that distinction. Basically, if I was just backing up, I want all of the images to be not visible to the public.

I think you would need to leave some things to do online via Flickr organiser, so start with a basic photo upload feature at least, and then add from there.

Maybe having a single option of whether photos are automatically uploaded as “private” or “public”.

Basic Sync functionality with flicker would be great to start with!

Hi Odrive developpers, any update regarding this feature request (Flickr) ? Thanks