Ability to have direct access to cloud files (virtual FS/FUSE)

I am a premium subscriber and I love the service, but I have been hoping for direct access to a file instead of only having placeholders. For instance, if I unsync a file and only have the placeholders appearing, if I try to open something in an application such as Word, I cannot see the file since it is a placeholder. I’ve also been using Encryptor, so I cannot use an app to directly mount my cloud storage since the information is encrypted. I could just keep everything synced, but I’m trying to free up space locally.

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Hi @ncalvert,
We don’t support this type of access, but it is something we’ve discussed and actually experimented with a while ago.

If your main use case is being able to open up files/folders within applications like Word, you can do this already, although it takes a couple of steps.

We’ll use Word as an example:

  • Make sure that “All Files (.)” is selected in the Word file browser. Once you set this, it should stick, so you only need to do it once.

  • When you see a cloud or cloudf file, right-click on it and select “open with”:

  • Select “OdriveOpen” and check “Always use this app to open .cloud files”

  • Once you’ve done this, going forward you can just use right-click->open instead of open with.

  • You will see a pop-up like this one. Just click “OK” and then you can open your document.

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