Ability for Desktop Client to run "as a service"

In many cases, it would be better to allow the desktop client’s sync agent to be started without having to be logged on - but with the ability to run the GUI once logged on to be able to better manage the background task. Currently you have the choice of the background agent (which you seem to be able to run ok in Windows using the scheduler) but which can only be managed via the CLI, or the desktop agent which needs you to be logged on. Maybe a GUI with status views of the background agent would be an option, or an architecture in the desktop client to allow the sync agent to be run in the background without the desktop client.

Hi @AndyMac. Thanks for posting.

Can you tell me a little bit about your use case for running the odrive client as a service? I’d like to get a better idea for the types of workflows/goals for this type of setup.


Running this on a home server to be able to sync my photo and other albums up to OneDrive (in our case) to provide a second tier backup and also to share them with family and friends. Although can use the agent and CLI, there is no easy way to be change config and check on status without scripting this (and not a nice GUI to do so). Obviously could also use tools to push the app into background as a service, but would then lose the ability to easily check on its status by logging into the server and seeing it in the notification area.

The tool I had been using (which looks like it’s now been abandoned, and has stopped logging on to OneDrive) was SyncDriver which did this background running with GUI on logon in a nice way.

Thanks for the additional details. I have asked the product team to take a look as a possible future enhancement.

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Any news on this?
I am also interestend in having odrive running as a service while not logged in.

Hi @pdneri,
We haven’t implemented this feature yet, but we will be sure to post here if/when we do.