A lot of temporal documents created OneDrive Bussiness

I’m in my trial period or Odrive.

I haved issues with some documents with special characters in their name, i check this forum and i understand that is something about the really bad API’s of microsoft (trust me, i understand it), so i change the file names and the sync finaly get completed.

But then, i check my OneDrive Online and i saw that all the previous trys of upload the special character documents created a temporal file that wasn’t erased.

I think is so important to fix this issue because some directories now have more than 500 temporal files, that i have to delete manually. So I think that it’s a goo idea to delete all temporal files then of the sync get complete

Hi @gomezreduardo,
Microsoft says they are in the process of trying to fix an issue with uploading files with non-ASCII characters in them. Currently you can get into this cycle where the upload is rejected (incorrectly giving a session error) and odrive retries, creating these tmp files.

The tmp files, themselves, are invisible to us. This post goes into more detail about that:

Currently, the only way to clear those up is to wait for Microsoft to do it, or to do it manually from the OneDrive web client.