85GB on personal hotspot in 3 days - was it odrive? how to stop?

Help. I was away for three days and hooked my laptop to iphone personal hotspot so that I could send emails. On day three I started to get bombarded with messages from my phone company saying I was about to run out of data, and they would automatically add another 1GB. It turns out that these additions had already begun two days earlier and at terrifying speed - here’s the list just from day one:

2:47 PM / 2:49 PM / 3:01 PM / 4:20 PM /
4:23 PM / 4:27 PM / 4:37 PM / 4:39 PM /
4:43 PM / 4:49 PM / 4:55 PM

More on days 2 and 3, with the result that my phone company now wants over $650. OUCH!

All I was doing was email and a bit of web research - no videos, audio etc. The only theory I’ve been able to come up with is odrive. My Win 10 data usage log says odrive has used 349GB over the last 30 days, which I don’t understand since the total size of my odrive on my laptop is 15.9GB, and I certainly don’t touch most of those files all the time!

So my questions are:

  1. how can my odrive data usage (as per the log) be so high?
  2. can I tell odrive not to syncronise when I am connected via hotspot (or to only syncronise when connected to a specific network)?


Hi Kelly,
Thanks for reaching out.

Can you tell me what you have linked to odrive currently? Are you able to tell if the data consumed was inbound or outbound?

Are you still seeing activity with odrive, currently? If so, can you see what it is syncing? Is it possible that you are syncing a file that is continually changing?

Currently odrive doesn’t differentiate between networks, but you can stop sync at any time from the odrive tray menu.

Hi Tony, currently I have two gdrives linked.

One only has four files and is basically inactive, although I just discovered that it seems to be backing up from an app on my iphone called ‘Awesome Notes’. It contains 14 ‘cloudf’ folders, all of which have the essentially the current date, and files of size 0 KB.

The main gdrive is 15.9GB in size, lots of folders and files. I had odrive turned off the last couple of days, but it turned itself on again today when I connected to my home wifi and I noticed it syncing a 1.9GB ‘.psd’ file. That file has not been changed for several weeks, but now that I think about it, I have noticed it in the odrive current syncing list before, and the % progress figure has fluctuated rather than steadily increasing. I’ve now moved the file out of my odrive folders, and checked through the web browser that it does not show up in the original folder.

After doing that, I noticed that the odrive icon was continuing to ‘move’ even though I had stopped automatic syncing. I’m feeling deeply suspicious now so I’ve exited the program completely for the moment.

I don’t know where to look to tell if data consumed was inbound or outbound, but will do so if you tell me how :-).

I also get an occasional notification popping up along the lines of ‘you have x files in the trash, they won’t be deleted until you empty the trash’. I’ve never been clear what program that message was coming from (and never had headspace to investigate), but I now notice that odrive says there are 159 files in my trash bin. Is it safe to empty the trash?

Finally, I also notice that odrive now says there are 160 files ‘Waiting’. I’ve had a quick look at the list and many of them are old files that haven’t changed for a long time, so I don’t understand why odrive would want to sync them.

Thanks for your help

Hi Kelly,
The trash notifications are from odrive. It is indicating that it has detected local files that are within the scope of odrive have been deleted and are being held in the odrive trash. odrive won’t commit any deletes to the cloud without the user emptying the trash. It’s a safeguard against unintended deletes. Since you are seeing this, and items in waiting, it indicates that odrive is picking up local changes.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and I can see if I can determine why odrive is recognizing changes?


Thanks for the explanation. There is nothing on the notification that identifies the program - it would be very helpful to include ‘odrive’ and/or the icon (in all messages). Otherwise the user has no way of knowing, they just have to guess - the opposite of what we should be doing to anonymous messages :slight_smile: !

Diagnostic just sent.

I took a look at the diagnostic, but nothing unusual sticks out. This diagnostic may have been sent when most things were quiet. I see ~160 items that were deleted locally and added to the trash and only 6 items that were uploaded recently.

Are you still seeing unexplained activity?

Hi Tony, I’ve sent you a couple more diagnostics. Have emptied the trash and turned odrive back on - there seems to be a file called ‘Determine password system.gdocs’ stuck in the Waiting list. I remember seeing it there yesterday too. It’s one of the files synced from the iphone app AwesomeNotes.


Hi Kelly,
gdocx files are really just metadata files, since you can’t open them directly on your desktop. Are you still seeing this file in waiting? If so, can you rename it on in the cloud to something slightly simpler, like “Determine_pw_sys.gdocx” and then send one more diagnostic?