6435 not working on osX

starting from today, my Odrive do not work anymore. It do not start up.
I never had this issue before. It is possible that it’s related with the auto update of the latest version 6435?
I’ve osX 10.13.6. I tried to reboot, then unistall and reinstall from .dmg, run disk S.o.S. no life signal.

Anybody can help?

many thanks in advance

Hi @lorenzo,
Occasionally this can happen during an update. Can you try these steps?

If this fixes it, odrive will attempt another update shortly after, which should hopefully have no issues.

thank you, it worked!
many thanks again

Great! Thanks for the update @lorenzo.

@homonto, I hope this method worked for you, as well. Usually this is a rare occurrence, but I am going to look at what can be done to improve the autoupdate process to prevent this from happening.

Yes. Workaround works

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