50GB files "trapped" on OneDrive cloud - wont sync back/download to desktop


Getting no assistance from odrive email support, so desperate please.

I had odrive previously set-up on old laptop - unused for 12 months.

Installed and configured latest OneDrive on new laptop.

(1) my Win 10 laptop had 90GB of data on it

(2) I have 1TB available as part of subscription

(3) 3 days ago, I left the PC to run/sync overnight and although it was set to “always keep on this device”, 70+GB was transferred into OneDrive.


(5) My files are no longer available to me - I can see them, download individually or in folders, but will NOT sync.

(6) In have gone through all the support steps to try and resolve

  • I have unlinked and relinked
  • I have uninstalled/reinstalled
  • I have reset OneDrive
  • have turned off firewall/virus detection

(7) New files sync up/down OK - but not the 70GB sync/transfer.

Any ideas please - have spent 3 days already trying to resolve - going/gone crazy.


Hi @evan,
I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Can you clarify for me which client you are using? It is not clear to me where odrive is being used, currently. It sounds like you used odrive (but are not longer using it?), and are currently using the OneDrive client?

Hi @evan,
I’m just re-reading your post. I believe you are using OneDrive’s client, and may have mistaken odrive for OneDrive (not uncommon since the naming is fairly close).

Unfortunately I can’t help much with OneDrive’s client, but have you tried turning off their “on-demand” feature, completely. This should cause OneDrive to cache the files locally instead of using their on-demand method. Here is an article I found that goes into the details:

Hey Tony - thanks so much for quick response.

yes, you are right - however, my mistake may have actually helped me/provided a solution.

Been reading about your product and assuming taht onedrive sync continues to no longer work, sounds like I can use odrive as the desktop sync - pull everything down again from onedrive and all fixed.

Can then use odrive going forward to link into my other cloud storage.


Thankis again

really appreciate the link to the other article - have tried that too -but stil fails.

But perhaps as per above, odrive may have a solution for me after all!!

Hi @evan,
You can definitely use odrive to link and sync your OneDrive content. You would want to perform a “recursive sync” on the odrive “OneDrive” folder, to pull down everything. More on that here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-your-odrive#section--sync-all-files-and-subfolders-

You’re a champion - sounds like very powerful software - will definitely give that a try - thanks again!

No problem @evan!

We should actually have a new version out in a few days that improves handling of intermittent download errors that tend to happen along the way in a large operation.

For now, once you initiate download you may want to check on it ever once in a while and verify completion. Some storage providers can be a bit more prone to erroring out and you may need to initiate the recursive sync command a few times to get everything downloaded.

Just let us know if you run into any issues.

Will do, thanks again

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