500 Internal Server Error trying to connect to OneDrive for Business

I took a look and OneDrive is not returning essential information to us when authenticating. I have submitted an issue to the OneDrive team. Hopefully they will respond and tell us what is going on there.

For the people that were seeing this issue, is it still happening? I finally got some movement from OneDrive on this.

Concerning OneDrive for Business through GoDaddy … see this newer thread at GoDaddy OneDrive for Business. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi, I’m having the same issue. I’m not using GoDaddy, my OneDrive edition is the one for education, the authentication is using SAML, is this the special authentication you’re talking? SAML is standard for federated logins used in multiple universities (at least in Europe).

Hi @nunomcruz,
We implemented the OAuth 2.0 flow as per OneDrive’s spec.

I was able to have the ops team take a look at your issue and they found your attempt to link OD4B in the logs. It is a similar issue to GoDaddy in that OneDrive is not returning the proper token to us, which means we can’t move further in the process.

Can you tell me a bit more about the OneDrive edition you are using? Is this “Office 365 Education”?

Hi Tony,

Yes it’s the office 365 education. I don’t think that being the education edition makes any difference because I have another office 365 education linked successful to my odrive. The difference between both is that the successful one uses the Microsoft connectors and the uncessful doesn’t. I’m also the person in charge of the saml identity provider and the admin of our office 365 account for the unsuccessful case if you want to debug anything on my side I’ll be glad to help you.

Hi @nunomcruz,
If you can provide a test account that we can use, I can raise this as an issue for investigation by the integration team. If that is possible, please PM me the details. Thanks!

I have the account ready for you but I can’t seem to find how to PM you…