392 Deletes in Trash : Why?! Why can't I group undelete?!

I don’t know why… I don’t know how… but suddenly I have 392 deletes in the trash. I need to GROUP undelete them.

I never deleted them in the first place… as I undelete them 1-by-1 I see that they are NOT duplicates or anything similar. So how do I get them back where they belong?! I have 392 of them!!!

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Hi @randomblink,

Sorry to hear of the trouble, we are planning to redesign our tray menu and add this capability to “undo all deletes” without going into painful one by one recovering of files from odrive trash. This is in our road-map but I cannot promise when this change will be available for end-users.

It is very strange, if your files are going into trash. Is there any particular scenario which can cause this issue? would you like to share a snapshot of the files in your trash list?

You can unsync parent folder(s) containing these trashed files to clear the files from trash, although you can re-sync the folders if needed but It may take some time to re-sync your files (depends on size)


I have oDrive installed on a PC and a Mac. So I am sure it is something with going back and forth. But it’s REALLY annoying. I am basically going to not do anything with oDrive until that upgrade comes out. If there was someway I could VISIT the trash and move them MANUALLY out? I would do that… but I can’t find them except through the oDrive interface.

Going back and forth between pc and mac should not cause deletions. odrive puts something in trash when the file is no longer on disk. It must be deleted first.

Do you see any patterns? Is it always the same files or same app? Are these user files or app files?