25 Mbps on 100GB per day of Google Drive

I have oDrive setup and it works but not usable.

On average I get 25 Mbps download sync on a 1 Gbps connection. oDrive sends a file to my Google Drive from the old data center at 100Mbps steady speed. Then it starts to download to the new datacenter - painfully slow.

The main file I need is a 55 GB SQL backup file. On the same server at the new datacenter that oDrive is running on, it downloads in 10 minutes from the SAME Google Drive (right-click -> Download in Chrome) that oDrive is connected to.

It’s been 2 hours and oDrive is only up to 15%.

API or not. Why does drive.google.com download the file in 10 minutes and oDrive is hours?

Been like this for days…

Hi @tim,
Google Drive downloads are generally pretty fast. I will spin up an AWS instance and run a couple tests to see what I am getting for large file downloads from Google Drive. I know in the past I’ve gotten more than 600Mbps, steady. It can fluctuate a bit depending on when I’m downloading, but 25Mbps certainly seems much slower than I would expect.

I’ve run through a few tests now with files ranging from 500MB to 25GB across 4 different Google Drive accounts (2 GSuite and 2 personal).

Here are my observations:

  • I am generally seeing between 500-800Mbps download for most files (the 25GB file averaged around 700Mbps). Downloading the same files from the Google Drive web client is generally slower (~200-300Mbps).
  • The GSuite accounts seem to reach higher speeds than the personal accounts, although I don’t have enough accounts to really make that definitive.
  • Oddly, I am consistently getting slower speeds on certain files, even within the same account. There is one 10GB test file I have that is only getting ~120-150Mbps, but there is a 500MB file in the same account that gets ~500Mbps, and this happens consistently. The same 10GB and 500MB files download from Google’s web client at around 200-250Mbps.

There is probably more testing I can do, but I can at least say that odrive is capable of downloading pretty fast. I am seeing some varying results depending on the Google Drive account and the particular file being downloaded.

Some things that would be interesting to see from your side:

  • Is the download just as slow from the old datacenter?
  • Is the slow speed limited to that file, or is it for all files?
  • Is the slow speed limited to that account, or is it for any account you try?
  • Are the results any different from other machines/locations?
  • What is the speed like when downloading from the odrive web client?

Hi @tim,
I’m just checking in on this. Were you able to take a look at my previous post?