2 Feature Requests


So I have 2 feature requests that would really help with some issues I have (and it seems others do as well?) with various cloud storage sites, for me it’s mainly OneDrive. The issue I have is that the metadata on my cloud storage for various files is incorrect, more specifically the file size is wrong which causes the dreaded “size mismatch” and odrive won’t sync the file.

Feature Request 1: The ability to disregard the file size the cloud storage reports and download the file anyway. This is a simple feature (or band-aid depending on how you look at it) which I think could help a decent number of people.

Feature Request 2: The ability to reupload a file by deleting the cloud version first then reuploading the local version. ( Which fixes the metadata issue )


Hi @richard.varone,
Yeah this is a tricky one. I have passed the possibility of being able to disable this check to the product team. It’s definitely an important check. OneDrive seems to hit this more than other sources, for some reason.

For the second request, there is a command you can issue on the file which will not change its contents, but cause odrive to re-upload it because the modified date has changed. In MacOS this is the touch command: touch file. In Windows the command is a little more odd, but does the same thing: copy /b file+,,