2 dropbox accounts in different browsers

i am new to odrive. Seems if i want to use 2 different dropbox accounts, i need to sign out of the 1st and then sign in with the 2nd. Instead, i want to use different browsers - chrome for account1 and firefox for account2. that way i dont need to sign out and sign in. Can odrive link the 2 accounts from the 2 browsers ?

Yes, you are right, you can link two Dropbox accounts using two different browsers as long as your are login to same odrive account in both browsers.

In addition, you can link both dropbox accounts to your single odrive account.

To do so, you just need to make sure you link the first dropbox account, then go to the dropbox web client and logout, then login with the second account, then go back to odrive and link dropbox again.

When you do the above you will effectively have both dropbox accounts linked to your single odrive account. You will not need to worry about dropbox logins after that and can access both accounts via the odrive webclient and the odrive desktop client for that point forward.