100% done and backup still running?

Hi! I’ve been doing a large backup to odrive (OneDrive) and for some reason the backup is still showing as “Running backup” despite the fact that 100% are completed. Is odrive still doing things in the background? How can I be sure that all files have definitely been backed up to the cloud?


Here is a screenshot: image

Hi @onedrive3 (Martin),
Can you open up the backup activity log and see what it is showing at the bottom of the log?

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I can take a look to see if I can identify anything.

Hi Tony,

Thanks, I eventually got the message that backup is complete but it said it was finished with errors. But clicking the “Open backup activity log” button does nothing. Where do I find the corresponding log file on my computer please?


Hi @onedrive3,
Hmm, that is odd. I haven’t seen that issue before.

The backup log is in you user directory under \.odrive\log\backup.log . So something like C:\Users\[your user name]\.odrive\log\backup.log

Does the sync log open for you, or does that also not doing anything (under Ready to sync new changes/Syncing changes at the top of the odrive tray menu)?

HI Tony,

There is actually no backup.log in this folder, only error.log and main.log (+ a few empty other log files) - neither of which contain relevant information. Any advice?


Hi Martin,
Can you send the diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and then let me know once you are able to do that? I’ll see if that reveals anything. This is certainly strange.

Hi Tony,

Sure thing, just sent it. Let me know what you find out.

I should add, the errors you see in there for the .xlsx file was another job (I tried to drag and drop that file into odrive, and it didn’t like that :slight_smile:

The backup I’m referring to was for a folder called “F:”

Thanks Martin!
It looks like you moved the odrive folder, which may have something to do with what we are seeing. I need to check on that.

Can you restart odrive and then choose “Run backup now” and see if the log is created then? Also, after restarting odrive, can you send another diagnostic?

Thanks a lot Tony! I’ve closed and re-started odrive and now the backup.log has been created. I’m running the backup now and will report back in case any further issues appear.

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