0 byte files and Amazon Drive

Hi, I’m having the same issue with Amazon Drive trying to get all my files to download before it goes out of operation. For some reason, my local files have been set to 0 bytes and odrive is (luckily) failing to update them on the remote even though they are listed on the remote as full files! Please help.

Hi @ergolds,
I’ve moved this to a new topic since I think it is a different issue.

To clarify, all of your downloaded Amazon Drive files turned into 0-byte files? That is certainly strange.

It sounds like it may make sense to just uninstall and reinstall odrive to get everything into a fresh state so that you can retry your downloads, but I would like to take a look at a diagnostic from your system to investigate further.

Can you please:

  1. Send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, and then let us know when it has been sent?
  2. Provide a few paths for files that you are seeing this with, so that we can properly focus our analysis.