Zero-sized files in Google Photos folder

I have Google Drive syncing with just the Google Photos folder actually downloading.

I’ve noticed that there is a group of 24 photos from the same day last month that are all zero-bytes in size.

They have .JPG extensions rather than .cloud and I can see the images via the Google Photos web interface, so I’m pretty sure they should be valid image file instead of empty.

Has anyone encountered this themselves? I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this, or to get odrive to resync the files (short of starting from scratch) so any tips would be appreciated.



Hi @serenthompson,
This is a new one to me, and sounds quite odd. If you don’t have unsync, you can try deleting one of the files and then restoring it once it hits the odrive trash. This will bring it back as a placeholder and you can try syncing it again to see if it is still a 0-byte file when it comes down.

If it is, can you send a diagnostic?

Hi Tony, thanks for the suggestion.

I tried removing one of the files (IMG_3604.JPG), then restoring it from the odrive trash, and then manually syncing it. The .cloud extension disappeared, but the restored file was zero-bytes again. I tried downloading it from Google Photos to just to sanity-check that there was a valid image server-side and succeeded.

I’ve just submitted a diagnostic report.


Hi @serenthompson,
I took a look at the diagnostic and Google Drive appears to be reporting that the file is actually 0 bytes.

Is it possible that you have multiple files that are named the same name in the same folder? If so, odrive will only show the latest one, which could be 0 bytes…?

What do you see when you do a search for IMG_3604.JPG in the Google Drive web client?

FYI, I believe this was/is a Google backend issue rather than an odrive issue.

The files in question (65 at this point) are viewable in the Google Photos web interface, but cannot be synced via odrive, the Google Drive client (previously), or the Google Backup and Sync client (currently).

My guess is that the sync process between Google Photos and Google Drive failed in some way causing the copies/reference stored in Google Drive to be corrupted.

Sorry for the bother (and the long delay in figuring out the root cause).

Hi @serenthompson,
I appreciate the follow-up on this!

Your guess seems like a good one. Did you ever reach out to Google about this? If so, did they offer any explanation?

In my experience trying to contact a human at Google is futile (Google Wifi hardware support excepted), so I didn’t bother trying.

I did manage to export my photos via Takeout but, now that Google is starting to charge for photo storage and GPhotos and GDrive don’t sync (and I believe odrive can’t sync GPhotos), it’s clear it’s time to switch to another storage option.

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