Yandex.Disk - Your credentials are not valid to access this service

I am getting this error when trying to synch my Yandex.Disk source on both of my PCs, however it seems I can access it ok from the web interface.


Note that after I originally signed up for Yandex.Disk and added it to odrive, I was almost immediately prompted by them to change my password due to a “Possible account compromise: Your credentials were used in an unexpected way.” After changing them it seemed to be resolved (test files uploaded and synched from both PCs) - however, it seems that there is now some further block.

Hi @yukihyou,
This is odd if the service is still usable from the web client. Have you already tried restarting the desktop client?

Can you try unlinking and then relinking, to see if that resolved it. If not, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

I’m at work at the moment, and it seems to be ok on my laptop now (where it had that error last night). I’ll try again when I get home this evening and, if the problem persists, will get some more details for you.

As for the “potential compromise” - this could be a scary blocker for new users, is odrive (even unofficially) supported by them as an access method, or does it fall under the “you’ve given your login credentials to a third party and are in breach of T&Cs”?

Ok, tested again when I got home. It didn’t work after a client restart, but it did after a PC restart. I guess it was caching some credentials or something. Yandex.Disk now seems to be working ok now, but I’ll let you know if I get the “your account might be compromised” message again.

Hi @yukihyou,
It is possible that it was triggered due to access via the web browser, which can hit from different IPs and then your local client, which would have yet another IP. All of those within short period of time from a new client signature may have tripped some flag on their end.

I haven’t heard of this issue coming up often, so hopefully you won’t see it again.