Wishing "Auto Empty Trash" was not limited to PRO

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Really happy that this exists! And sad that it’s limited to PRO.

This isn’t really a feature, it’s fixing a design flaw – a trap that users will fall into repeatedly, causing confusion and problems.

With this missing from the free version, odrive feels like it’s “broken and dangerous until you pay” rather than just “limited until you pay”.

Also not sure why this went in PRO, which is described as “sync any folder anywhere on your computer”. Maybe it belongs with Unsync in a bundle called “Minimum viable functionality” :slight_smile:

Sorry to be harsh. I guess your strategy of individually charging for each feature feels strange to me – like an iPhone game that wants me to pay for every little thing as I’m playing. It means I have to make a lot more “decisions to pay” than I’m used to when I use desktop software. It would make more sense to me to pay more to connect more backend locations.


I think maybe this post should be onto “Odrive pricing discussion” (https://forum.odrive.com/t/odrive-pricing-discussion/156). What do you think @Tony?

It’s okay to be in here. Appreciate the engagement from you both.

@trashrabbit We realize that the trash feature is not appreciated by some, but I can assure you that its effect, generally, has been an absolute lifesaver. Not only does it ensure that items are not deleted without a user explicitly confirming, saving many, many people’s data, but it has also allowed us to combat claims that odrive has deleted things when, in fact, it has been a different client, user, or some other set of circumstances.

odrive trash is not a design flaw and it is certainly not “broken and dangerous”. It is the exact opposite. It is a way for us to generally protect against data loss, which is one of our primary objectives and something we take extremely seriously.

Truth be told, I would prefer there to not be an option to disable odrive trash or make it automatic, but many people have requested this feature and we have obliged. In addition, we added notifications across all versions, so that users will know when a file has entered the trash and that they need to empty it. This is to mitigate the complaints revolving around being unaware that trash exists or forgetting about the trash feature.

We consider disabling trash, or having it empty automatically, to be an advanced feature; one that most users do not need to successfully use odrive. My recommendation is that it be left it in place for maximum data integrity.

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Sorry, I was hasty. I should remember that everyone has their own workflow and use-case which is not the same as mine.

In my case the absence of a file can mean something, so forgetting to empty the trash can be bad and I want the backend storage and local disk to always be transparently in sync with no safety mechanisms. And I need things to operate unattended without me being there to empty the trash after some script of mine deletes some files. From this point of view, the trash feature gets in the way.

I can definitely see how some people would want extra safeguards to prevent accidental deletions, and would have a human-based workflow where someone is always there to empty the trash after themselves.

Anyway, thanks for adding the “Auto Empty Trash” feature even if I don’t agree with the pricing. :slight_smile: The new notification about files in the trash is good too.


Keep in mind that a lot of cloud storage providers already have a trash so using this functionality in odrive is a bit redundant.


In the consumer space, yes. I don’t know what market segment odrive plans on targeting. If it is business, some providers such as Amazon do not implement a trash feature by default for S3. It requires setting up versioning for a particular bucket. Not standard trash, but you can then roll back any of the previous X number of versions.

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It just does not make sense to have odrive’s trash enabled by default for Dropbox!

But now you’ve made it a global setting, not per link… I can’t get the other people in the company using odrive reliably with it the way it is. Not everyone remembers to delete their trash. This will cause major problems between our users.

… with no way to turn those notifications off! Turning off all the notifications for odrive doesn’t really seem sensible…

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Personally, I would actually call this a flaw/bug not having “auto empty trash - immediately” set by default.

Since ALL the services I connect odrive to (GDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive) AND Windows itself already have versioning, this is not a very “useful feature”. Not deleting the file immediately is terribly confusing and annoying when I forget that odrive is not getting rid of it and I use one of these services on another device where I’m not using odrive (my iPad or Android phone) and find the file still there.


Hi @chester,

Thank you for your feedback, We deliberately kept the “auto empty trash” settings to “never” by default to prevent any accidental data loss either by human mistake or application error against the sources which don’t support / have trash enabled in their services (soft-delete). For each user, preferences may vary so odrive has come up with the balanced default settings.

Well, also auto empty trash is part of premium plan which make sense to keep it to “never” to continue provide an extra layer of accidental delete protection for free users.


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This is just my opinion, but it is extremely annoying having to manually empty trash all the time. You delete a file, then get an notification that there is something in the trash, you do a few clicks to empty it, then it gives you a notification about what it’s going to do, you click okay, and only then you have your file deleted. I’m getting tired of doing this many times a day. This is a terrible experience that not even free users should have! Think about it. I don’t need to be constantly reminded about the same thing over and over again. The least you can do is give me an option to silence these warnings.

If your strategy is to annoy people into buying your product, then you’re on the right track guys.

I use my Google Drive and Dropbox to sync app data for some apps. (YNAB, 1Password). These apps constantly create and delete files in their directories. The problem arises when I don’t empty trash and use these apps on my mobile/other laptop. It creates a whole lot of conflicts and data corruption.

Auto Empty Trash on Odrive should be Immediate by default. Selling it like a feature is just plain stupid. The word Sync simply refers to replication of all changes at all destinations(create, modify, delete).

It would be wiser on Odrive’s part to make Auto Empty Trash default to Never only for those services which don’t have history.

^ This is idiotic.