Windows 7 won't start user after installing odrive. Stuck at black screen at login

I just installed odrive on my Windows 7 Dell Inspiron laptop.

Trying to run “odrive.exe” didn’t seem to do anything.

Tried installing again with the same results.

Decided to reboot. Windows came up with normal user login. Entered user/name password. Seemed to start logging in but the screen goes black and just sits there.

I can see and move the mouse. Hard drive light flickers from time to time like it’s still doing something but it seems stuck,

I can login under a different user that I didn’t install odrive from. I can also login to the original user if I use Safe Mode.

I tried uninstalling odrive from the original user login in Safe Mode but it said that it failed.

How can I get odrive disabled or uninstalled so that I can get logged in under my original user?


This is certainly strange. Since you are able to login in safe mode, you can navigate to your user profile directory (C:\Users\YourUserNameHere) and delete the .odrive folder and the odrive folder, if they exist. The .odrive folder is hidden, so you will need to enable viewing hidden files and folders in Explorer. The .odrive folder is what contains the binaries for odrive as well as the Explorer extensions.

You should also stop odrive from trying to start on start-up. You can do this by running msconfig from the start menu, selecting the startup tab, and unchecking odrive.

Please let me know the results.

Thanks Tony,

Turns out it wasn’t related to odrive. Coincidentally at the same time I restarted the laptop another the laptop automatically connects to on the network quit responding so the laptop was getting stuck trying to connect to it.

We now have another problem but I’ll search to see if it has already been answered. If not I’ll post a new question with an appropriate subject for the problem.


I’m glad you got it figured out! Thanks for the follow-up.