Windows 10: odrive prevents Explorer.exe jumplists from working

I recently upgraded to Windows 10.

I’ve run into a strange issue. When odrive is running, my pinned things in Explorer.exe on the start menu refuse to open.

Closing odrive immediately resolves the problem, and things start opening again.

Edit: here’s an animated .gif showing the problem!

Any ideas?

Hi @carlco,
Thanks for reaching out and for providing an excellent example. Unfortunately this is a known issue and one that we regret is still outstanding.

It is still on the roadmap for a fix, but it has proven to be a complicated issue.

My apologies for the inconvenience

No worries, I understand that Windows 10 is a challenge.

Do you happen to have any workaround? Mine is to close odrive when it is not needed, and open when it’s time to sync again.


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Hi @carlco,
Thanks for your understanding.

There aren’t really any good workarounds for this. As you said, you can close odrive. You can also uninstall the Explorer extension, but that is even less desirable because it is a pain to load and unload.