Windows 10, odrive context menu missing in Explorer


Hi all.

I’m trying to sync just an individual file in a folder containing multiple files. When I right click, the odrive context menu doesn’t appear. When I back back to the directory, the context menu appears, which means I can only sync or unsync the entire folder.

Any ideas?

Windows 10 x64 1709. odrive 6252


Hi @carlco,
Is it possible that the directory is still syncing, or does everything appear idle?

Does a restart of odrive change the behavior?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and let me know what the file path is for the file you are trying to unsync?


Hi, it’s idle. I just don’t have the ability to sync individual files right now, the context menu is gone.

Restarting odrive/Windows makes no difference. I can’t send diagnostic at this time for security reasons. Thanks.


Hi @carlco,
Is this happening for all files, or only for files in a specific folder? Do the files have the odrive checkmarks on them?

Are you able to unsync using the CLI? Take a look at this post for installing and running CLI commands on Windows: How can I use the CLI to check odrive status?. You can use the ‘unsync’ command to unsync specific files or folders, too. I am curious if it will work for these files.