Windows 10 and Amazon Drive Fundamental Question

I’m sure I am missing something basic in my understanding of odrive, and I would appreciate a pointer to how to do what ought to be a fundamental operation.

I installed Amazon Drive on my Windows 10 PC. I uploaded a folder “Pictures” with many .jpg files in it. I understand that Amazon Drive is backup and not a synchronization mechanism.

I installed odrive and linked it to my Amazon Drive storage. Soon after, I found odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Pictures in Windows explorer. So far so good. When I looked at odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Pictures I saw place holders for the files I had uploaded to Amazon Drive. Again, so far so good.

As a test, I put a new jpg file into my C:/Users//Pictures folder expecting to see it my odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Pictures folder soon. However, the new file was neither uploaded to my Amazon Drive nor was it reflected in odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Pictures.

I then realized that odrive had never “asked” what the local source for “Pictures” was and had no way to know where from/to local folders were.

Does that mean that every time I add new image files I must add them to both odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Pictures and to C:/Users//Pictures if I want them uploaded to Amazon Drive? Should I be able to somehow make odrive aware of the Windows library folder “Pictures”?


You can either use Amazon upload to backup the folder again or simply put the file into the odrive folder. Odrive will sync everything in the odrive folder.

If you want to keep your photos in the original folder on your desktop, you can right click to sync the folder to odrive (premium feature). Odrive will ask you to pick the location in Amazon.