Will Odrive ever get a proper GUI?


Is Odrive ever going to get an actual GUI?

As in, a window that I can open, that gives actual information on issues, as well as an overview on what files/folders I’m syncing?
Maybe even what file service I’m sending folders I’ve chosen to sync to?

This is one of the major sticking points on why I don’t actually use Odrive as a method of accessing my data (or even use my cloud storage, tbh), using the current interface either requires browsing to locations and a context menu.

The tray icon’s context menu is super unclear in places (“ready to sync changes”; does this mean it needs me to do something? Is it just telling me it’s ready? Mousing over it gives the option to stop it, so is it currently syncing, and I could use this option to stop it? What’s the progress of the sync currently?), dealing with bulk messages/prompts is tedious at best, and I’ve never really felt clear on what Odrive is even doing.

The Win10 OneDrive app has a pretty great interface, could Odrive not have something similar, with some relevant additions?


The next major version will have a fairly extensive UI for sync activity/progress, storage management, error handling, etc. It should hit most if not all of the points you made above.



When can we expect the new version (roughly)?


Take a look at this post for some details on that:


Surely I’m missing something here, because it looks like, 3 months on from that post, which was 8 months on from when you were originally discussing your next encryption iteration, and you have no idea of your current progress, let alone any rough date for your next major version?

That can’t be right.


We know what the current progress is (which is significant), but we are refraining from specifying a release date, at this time.


Don’t hold your breath.


I agree with your policy, better to release a tested and tried version, rushing will only create a myriad of problems…