Why isn't my entire Facebook history uploading onto Odrive?

I am brand new to odrive, and I was under the impression that you could download all of the information from Facebook onto odrive, (photos people tagged you in, messages, etc.) And I followed the tutorial, and some photos were saved on odrive but A LOT are missing! Not to mention no messages or information came through.

I was wondering if someone could give me advice. Is it effected because some photos are hidden on my Timeline? Do they need to be set on “public” for everyone to see in order to be downloaded?

I don’t really know what other questions to ask, except how can I get ALL of my Facebook photos (most importantly) and data onto odrive?

Hi @alessandrafordbalazs,
odrive will only grab the photos and videos from Facebook, and only the photos and videos that Facebook allows us to grab.

Photos you are tagged in may be missing because of the security settings of the owners of those photos. See this thread for more details: Why can't I see all of the Facebook Photos I am tagged in (Photos of you)?