Why does the odrive desktop app is running two instances on Windows 10?

I’m using windows 10 and I noticed that the odrive desktop app sometimes starts up twice. I mean I can see it twice on the task bar. In the task manager things get even stranger. There are four of them, 2 odrive and 2 odriveapp.exe instances are running in parallel. They seem to do the same thing i.e. If I change something in one of my synced folders, I can see on the task bar they sync like twins. If I close one of them, the other becomes unresponsive. In the task manager I can see an odrive and an odriveapp.exe is still running.
Why is this? Does anyone else experienced anything like this?
One of the benefits of using odrive should be that I don’t need to run so many separate cloud syncing tools at once, shouldn’t it?

You can run into this if you install a new version of odrive, using the installer, while the older version is still running. When it does, you should see that the two instances running are actually different versions (seen from the odrive tray menu). If you exit the older version, you should not see it start up again.

I am having the same problem with Windows 7, both instances are the same build. I uninstalled - rebooted- downloaded the newest client and ran the setup. Even the setup process starts two wizards to complete the setup. I am uninstalling again.

Hi @reed.paul.j,
I have not seen this before. Please let me know what you find after an uninstall and reinstall.