Where can I see the odrive sync changelog?

Good afternoon odrivers,

I just upgraded my windows VM to the new odrive sync client version 4816, and I see it behaving a bit differently from before. Notably, it appears to be re-using a single connection to Amazon Cloud Drive for multple concurrent sync operations, rather than 10 separate ones.

Is there a place where I can access the changelogs for the odrive sync client? I would be curious to see the notes regarding the updates.



Can you tell me how you are determining the number of concurrent uploads and the number of distinct connections to ACD? Each file upload should have a separate socket connection, so there shouldn’t be any pipelining for ACD.

We don’t have a way to see the granular sync actions/decisions at the moment, aside from a diagnostic report.

Hi Tony,

Ok false alarm, it was evidently just a momentary glitch. The coalescing of connections to amazon cloud drive seems to have stopped after about 14 hours.

Oh, and when I say changelog, I meant a log of the changes between versions of the odrive sync client. Is a list of changes by release kept anywhere that I can see it?




We post the “changelog” to forum announcements. However, please feel free to ask for clarification if anything looks different or works in an unexpected manner.