What's the status of the 'major release/revision'?



As a paying user I’d like to see more information about the future plans for Odrive. There are always promises about new features and the next ‘major release’, but when will we see it and which features will be included? I really like Odrive, but some key features need to be improved.

Those answers start to annoy me (November 2016):


Hi @meaper,
A lot of this was discussed over in this thread: Timeline for new plans

The gist is that the next major release is still in progress, and has taken much longer to get out than initially anticipated. The project started with the intent of bolting on some new features and correcting some issues. As we dug, however, we realized that we needed to really go deeper to ensure that odrive would be able to grow the way we want it to in the years to come. The scope of work grew much larger than initially anticipated.

The result is that many things have been rebuilt from the ground up, using all of the knowledge we have gained through our previous iterations and factoring in all of the user feedback and use cases.

Some of the highlights expected in this new iteration:

  • Improved sync engine with better resource management and performance
  • V2 of Encryption, which is more flexible and customizable
  • Reimagined placeholder functionality that will provide a more streamlined and seamless integration to native Explorer/Finder
  • “Traditional” backup capabilities
  • Advanced sync features that go beyond the current “sync to odrive” feature
  • Better traffic management and throttling
  • Additional payment plans and options, including monthly
  • and more :wink:

I know folks are anxiously awaiting this stuff, and it is frustrating to have to keep waiting. We are trying to go as fast as we can, and sincerely apologize for the delay in being able to get it out. We also understand if there are users who just can’t wait any longer…

As always, thanks for the patience, support, and feedback.

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Does this mean placeholders will eventually appear in Windows as the actual file? My #1 complaint about odrive is that placeholders look like a different file to windows, so if I copy a file with the same name it ends up overwriting the old file in the cloud without warning. If placeholders can appear to Windows like the actual file, with the same extension and everything, then that would fix a major pain point for me!


Hi @bkoppe,
This has been discussed, but the current implementation will not be able to represent the placeholders as “real” files to that degree. You can expect things like placeholder previews/icons, though.


I will not be renewing my subscription until “Traditional” backup is added with encryption. I have been waiting too long for this. The date keeps being put back and back.


Incremental updates can indeed sometimes turn into huge refactors. Just want to send hugs, and wish you to stay healthy, and not to get burnt out! My humble piece of advice is to resist those refactoring urges and keep writing them down instead, do like 1 per release. I’ve seen this become a serious energy drain on teams and myself quite a few times.


When is next major revision of odrive coming out and what features will it have


Hi @davidm82,
Please see the above thread, specifically this post:


Hi @Tony,

sorry to bother you with this topic. Another 4 months have passed, all together I’ve been waiting for one year now. Any updates on the topic? To calm your customers down, maybe it would be a good idea to start a development blog with regulary updates and even screenshots of the progress.

I will invest in your software and keep the subscription for another year anyway. I still love the concept.


Hi @meaper,
It’s no bother. Development is still ongoing, and the pieces are falling into place, but I don’t have a delivery date to provide.

I can say that almost all of the core development is done (the “hard” stuff). We are now bringing all of the components together, marching through the rest of the integrations (several have already been done), and then its on to optimization/refinement and UI polish.


Too late. I’ve been waiting all year. There’s never any concrete information. Whist the new release may be fantastic, I have no confidence of its imminence and it’s been completely mis-managed. From ‘expected early 2017’ to ‘no specific date’. You could have at least introduced monthly pricing options back in the meantime, or give some enticement to your previously supportive subscribers. There’s no way I’m going to hand out another years sub at that expensive price for some unknown future promised Valhalla. I’m out!


Is this new version still happening? I’ve liked the functionality of odrive, but it really seems as if this product is basically dead.


Hi @Robpollard,
We are still maintaining and supporting the current product. We are actually releasing new versions to the desktop and web to address a couple of issues, today.

The next generation product is still in development.


Any updates on this? You put a lot of tension on the trust of your customers! If you need more time to build the perfect product, fine. But keep your paying customers updated.


Hi @meaper,
Development is still ongoing, but we are nearing Beta territory.