What unlimited options do I have now that's Amazon is removing unlimited?


Hating Amazon right now I know not what to do.

What cloud service has unlimited storage to use with odrive

There are certainly plenty of options, though the day(s) of unlimited free storage seem to be at an end.

odrive supports a laundry list of cloud storage providers including Amazon s3, as well as other options such as SFTP/FTP etc…

You can see a full list of supported storage options here to help you decide what may be the best solution for your use case: https://www.odrive.com/links


anyone can chime in on backblaze experience? With Amazon pulling the plug on unlimited storage, I’m curious if BackBlaze will do the same.


About Changing Your Amazon Drive Storage Plan
Important information when updating your Amazon Drive storage plan.
To learn about the available storage plans, go to the Amazon Drive website.
When you change your storage plan, your new storage limit will be effective immediately. If you are switching from one paid plan to another, you will receive a pro-rated refund on your existing plan and will be charged the full amount for the new plan.
If you choose to cancel the your paid storage plan before the subscription ends, you may be eligible for a pro-rated refund on the balance of your paid plan.
For example: If you paid $59.99 for your subscription and you are 100 days into the subscription when you cancel, a pro-rated refund of $43.55 is issued.
If you bought a promotional plan at a reduced cost the pro-rated amount is calculated based on the original price paid for the subscription.
If your paid plan expires and you are storing content in excess of your available free storage limit, you’ll have 180 days to view and download your content or sign up for a storage plan. After 180 days in an over quota status, your content will be deleted (starting with the most recent uploads being deleted first), until your account is no longer over quota.
For more information, go to Manage Your Amazon Drive Storage Plan.****


Same here.

Normally i only used their service to backup photos. Can odrive support the prime photos only option?


Hi @muitommy,
odrive can upload your photos to Amazon, but it will also try to upload anything else you add to it, like videos or documents. On a Prime Photos-only account this will end up with the files sitting around, not syncing, and listed in “not allowed” in the odrive menu.


OpenDrive has an unlimited tier, but odrive support for OpenDrive is still AWOL. Any chance you’ll bump that up the list of priorities now that ACD has removed unlimited storage?


Hi @mustgroove,
We are actually waiting for a fix from OpenDrive on this one. The reason we disabled it is because there was a high chance of data loss on files larger than 10MB.


Amazon Cloud dropping its Unlimited plan is news to me. I kind of felt like this was eventually going to happen because of 2 big reasons.

  1. all good things come to an end eventually

  2. bait and switch is a good business tactic

This is very disappointing. I looked at Amazon Cloud Drive with such pride and laughed at when Microsoft dropped Unlimited from OneDrive awhile back… now I’m feeling the pain.

I don’t want to be locked and restricted by a particular amount of data when it comes to my cloud storage. I just took a quick look at “OpenDrive” and would happily switch over to them and drop Amazon Cloud Drive.

@Tony, is OpenDrive supported? @mustgroove’s comment makes me think that it’s not supported.

I’m also interested if anyone else has other service suggestions for Unlimited. I want to get my data moved ASAP before I get anywhere near the deadline.


Hi @christianorpinell,
Here was our announcement concerning OpenDrive:

As of now the status is still unchanged.


So opendrive works with odrive reading files?


Hi @aliessadk88,
We have disabled linking OpenDrive. If you already had it linked then you could still download from it.


:weary: oh that sucks I just bought a month hoping it could be my long term replacement. Will this not be fixed


For our current integration to OpenDrive, the fix needs to come from them and I have not been told to expect one. We may explore alternatives, down the road, but nothing is planned at the moment.


is there no unlimited option with odrive support then?


You could consider Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 as “unlimited”, but it won’t come at a flat fee.

Another possibility: Microsoft offers a 365 Home subscription, for $100/year, which gives 5 user licenses and each user gets 1TB of storage. Using odrive to link the 5 accounts can yield 5TB of total storage. Not unlimited, but not too shabby.


People are using G Suite Business accounts at $10/mo. and many reports online are that they’re able to upload what seems like unlimited / past the limit.

Is there support for G Suite cloud integration? It should be really simple to implement since it is held by Google?


Hi @christianorpinell,
Yes. GSuite accounts can be linked as Google Drive accounts for individual GSuite users (not to be confused with Team Drive, which is separate, team-based storage)


G Suite Business is unlimited if you have at least 5 persons in your company, this meaning you should to pay every month around $50.
If you pay just for 1 person you only have 1TB of cloud storage.


Hi @videoandesign, what I said in my previous comment is that people online have been reporting that they are getting unlimited storage, more storage than 1TB for their one account.

I’ve seen a number of people saying this: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/6ilgox/started_today_the_migration_process_from_acd_to/