What are the recommended methods to backing up Quickbooks via odrive?


One of our biggest problems with using odrive to sync our files to the Amazon Cloud Drive is that we run into quite a bit of conflict files.

The way our process works is that we have local copies of our Quickbooks files stored on our server. Our team then accesses these files from the server and does their work accordingly.

The issue here is that when odrive tries to sync our files, it creates ‘(conflict)’ files. (see below image for a quick example)


**There are also files that end with (conflict) without the .nd/.dsn as well.

We’re thinking about just doing a daily backup to another drive(lets called it drive D) and then syncing drive D via odrive. Would there be a better approach to this?

Thank you!

Hi @rohit,
Take a look at this post here: Odrive is not syncing my files on my laptop (Quickbooks qwb)

QBW files are notoriously hard to sync and Intuit seems to like it that way. Take a look at this post for more details: Odrive is not syncing my files on my laptop (Quickbooks qbw)

If you want to sync in a daily backup capacity, that should avoid the issues as long as multiple users are not working on the same files independently.