What about all the promised new features for Odrive?


For well over a year you have been promising new features such as backup for odrive. It seems like the answer on availability was always something like “we’re working hard on it and it is coming but we can’t say when for sure but it is soon.” Well, now soon looks like never. Looks like odrive2 may have backup, but only in beta. So its not there either. Even if it comes later with odrive2 we now have to pay for a new program. Feels like we got suckered into paying a premium price for promised capability and now it will never come. Not cool odrive!


Hi Mark

We share your frustration! It has taken longer than anyone anticipated.

As the features developed, we realized there was a rare opportunity to make something fundamentally more effective for cloud storage. It was a bet the company moment, and we took it.

We invested everything into odrive2, and it still took considerably more R&D than expected. But, we did it. The new platform is real, and it works. We need some more time to package and release everything in the pipeline.

Are you waiting for something specific?



Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply.

An important capability for me is backup, which appears to be in beta with odrive2. Will I need to switch to odrive2 to get backup? If so, what does that entail?

What are the capabilities of odrive2? Is there documentation – user’s manual, etc.? I cannot find any. I asked in the odrive2 forum too.

Odrive1 provides tremendous performance (upload/download bandwidth and reliability) with Amazon Drive, which is very important to me. Will odrive1 retain this performance going forward if your resources are now going into odrive2? Will odrive2 have the same or better performance with Amazon Drive?

These are some of my concerns.



Hi @Mark_H,
Documentation is in the works for odrive2. There is some information about features and clients that are in development here: https://community.odrive.com/t/announcing-odrive2/45

Even though they use separate logins, odrive1 and odrive2 can be used together by linking the same storage on both. You don’t need to stop using odrive1 to use odrive2. If you are a Premium subscriber on odrive1 you get equivalent credit on odrive2 without giving up anything on odrive1. It ends up being an addition and not a switch, unless (or until) you want to only use odrive2 because it has all of the features you need.

We are still committed to keeping odrive1 running optimally and fixing/improving where applicable. It is not being abandoned for odrive2.



Thanks for the information. I’m looking forward to odrive2’s progress.

Glad to hear that Premium subs can use both odrive1 and 2 together. I will try that out, though I will probably wait for some documentation first.

Your reassurance that odrive1 will be maintained is welcome.



Has theh Backblaze B2 drive write problem been resolved in Odrive2? I just moved all my data to Backblaze B2 and went in to setup the encrypted folders - and was shocked they were incompatible.

If not - does anyone know if we can create an encrypted Odive folder in a locally-mapped Backblaze drive?


Hi @spacecommguy,
odrive2 supports B2 writes, but the encryption feature is not available yet.