Weird behavior when merging folders that contain .cloudfiles

I’m using odrive on windows 10 and the cloud provider is google drive. This is also happening inside an encrypted folder.

Here is the issue I’m having: I have a folder A that is located in d:/odrive/encryptor/egdrive/media/folder A this folder is synced and has a file inside that is unsynced let’s call it “file”. Now I have another folder A that is located in d:/odrive/encryptor/egdrive/downloads/folder A and it has an unsynced file, lets call it “file”. Now I cut d:/odrive/encryptor/egdrive/downloads/folder A and paste it in d:/odrive/encryptor/egdrive/media this effectively merges the folders and I would expect is that now I have both file and file inside d:/odrive/encryptor/egdrive/media/folder A, which happens for a second and then file B disappears. I then have to go to the trash and recover file

Now my question is, is this known behavior or is this not supposed to happen? This is totally reproducible and whats more if I merge a folder that has a synced file it will trigger an upload.

Hi @tony3,
I am not able to reproduce this scenario on Windows 10. I noticed you mentioned D: drive. Is this an internal drive or external drive of some sort. That could affect the move optimization that takes place to determine when a folder is moved around.

Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu after doing this so I can take a look?