Weblink visits limited to 100 for free accounts?

Hi Jeff,

In the Web Release (02-04-2020) notice, please clarify
“Weblink visit limits for free accounts (limited to 100 visits)”.

Does this mean limited to only 100 online web visits/logins per month (resetting every month), or just for the lifetime entirety of the free valid account?


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Hi @gwizeman,
The limit is 100 visits per link created. Once a specific link has reached 100 visits, it will become invalid. There is no overarching account limit.

Unfortunately this had to be implemented due to the influx of free accounts being created for the sole purpose of large-scale distribution of files, which is not the intent of odrive.

I’ll add some clarifying language to the release notes, too.

Thanks for your quick response & explanation, Tony!

I’ve mistaken web links for web logins, so I’ve no problems here then. On the side, I’m checking these out to maybe add someday soon – pCloud, Mega, Icedrive, Sync, IDrive – because of their attractive pricing. I’ve read through the forums and know that these aren’t in the works yet, except maybe through WebDav.

Well, keep up the good hard work!