WebDav cannot rename files

I am trying to rename files on my webdav server but every file I rename is reuploading. Is this expected behaviour for the webdav implementation or is this a problem with my webdav server (or the protocol)?

Thanks for your help.

Can you tell me what you are using for the webDAV server software?

As for reproducing this, are you simply renaming a file that currently resides in the linked WebDAV folder within the odrive folder on your desktop. Is the rename just being done through Explorer/Finder?


Thanks for your quick reply.

I am just renaming a file that is in the odrive folder in the Finder. When I am renaming it I see the file appearing in the ‘Syncing’ list and uploading (with the percentage indicator).
The provider I am using is http://www.stackstorage.com/ which is quite a popular storage provider in the Netherlands. As far as I know they are using a customised implementation of owncloud.

Please let me know if I can do anything to help.