Web client enhancements and a mobile client (Encryption)


Please add a better web client that does more than just allow you to view a file and download the file. Set up a web client like MEGA for viewing encrypted files and folers on ODrive that still only decrypts the files locally using javascript. Add a mobile client as well that allows us to view files, maybe edit text files, allow local decryption of encrypted data, and fingerprint touch ID support.


Yes! an iOS app with touchID would be amazing!!


Please make a Android Version … thank You … martin


Reviving this thread if no one has seen it. This is a needed feature request.


Absolutely: iOS app including encrypted folders


There should be some way to be able to access files in your odrive Encryptor Volumes with just a web browser. You should be able to enter your password and, for the life of your active session, be able to browse and access files in an Encryptor Volume. The fact that it requires the odrive to be installed on your client machine is extremely limiting and makes Encryptor Volumes of very limited use.


While it is probably not necessary for odrive to have a full-featured client to access cloud drives since the native mobile apps have all that you need plus their specific features which are value add, so no need to duplicate them, particularly with the “save to” or “share as” extensions in iOS. However, it makes Encryptor Volumes of somewhat limited use to have no way to access them without your computer. There should be at least an iOS extension so you can save files to an EV or attach files from an EV at the bare minimum, but to have a full file browser would be complete. The same goes for volumes on B2, S3, or any other cloud standard that inherently lacks a mobile client of any kind. Were EVs supported by iOS I would encrypt all of my files with odrive, but alas, since I can only access files in a EV with my computer, it makes their use quite limited.


We will be releasing mobile clients that allow access to all of the linked storage in odrive, including encrypted content. You are right that the main driver is accessing the encrypted content, and that is something we see as very important.

We also plan to add encryption support to the web client.


ANy news regarding this request ?


Any upgrade? any news ? any date release planned ?


Hi @litemails,
This is the best answer I have for this right now:

The new webclient, as well as iOS and Android mobile apps are nearing completion and will be released alongside the next generation of odrive.