Video files keep syncing even though they no longer exist

I’ve got the same issue going on and wondered if you figured out a way to shut down individual videos from syncing? I have gone into System Explorer and found the listed files, and deleted them from the PC, all other Cloud storage and still when I open the Sync folder, it shows those same 3, 1 GB+ videos that I do not want to save. I’m unable to find any way to shut this thing off. This has been going on for days now! I have let it run and it seems to cycle back to the beginning, repeatedly. Initially I thought by deleting the files and rebooting, it would see they were gone, wrong…

The files are nowhere to be found when I search for them. However, when I open the Amazon Sync window, there they are spinning away. I’ve worn out one neural pathway trying to figure this out. I just installed Amazon Prime and wanted to back up my photo library. Does Amazon Photo Sync search the Cloud apps like Dropbox and OneDrive?

Hope you can follow my rambling! Thanks for any assistance on this.

No i havent managed to sort this out yet. I stopped syncing all together now.
I guess, I will have to manually find and remove all videos from photo folders, so that only photos are there…

Its a pain to do that - odrive should recognise that video file storage is full, and not attempt to upload anything, rather than constantly looping and trying to do so…

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Thanks for your reply. I was unable to turn off or find those video files. My file search claims they don’t exist, but Amazon keeps finding some reference to them and keeps running. I did the same thing and turned it off entirely.

If I can’t toggle that part of the software off, I can’t use it effectively. If this is a means to generate additional funds, they’ll have to do it without me. I can only recommend they offer that option for everyone. I’ll continue to use the remainder of the Prime services, but Photo Sync isn’t convenient without the ability to toggle off video. Without it, the resources are continuously taxed and hard on the rest of the system.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question!

Hi @bltaylor2,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and I can take a look. If odrive is trying to sync files that do not actually exist then this is something unexected (I’ve never seen it before), so I will need to take a closer look.