Very large NOT ALLOWED list and TRASH BIN

hi everyone, been using oDrive as my cloud backup (mirroring my local backup). i have let it run on background since installation, and checked once in a while just to ensure things were being copied to my cloud.

just today, been trying to optimize, understand and tweak oDrive, and had few questions.

  1. i have over 2000 items in [NOT ALLOWED] list. i have read on what they are, and checked the error message saying “Amazon Cloud Drive has detected a conflict”. it seems oDrive was not able to “overwrite” the files already in amazon cloud. question is, once the item gets on this list, does it never sync into the cloud? or will oDrive try again later? like as in is it like a warning log? telling me it had issues, and will try to resolve? or is it a final statement that oDrive can not sync this file to the cloud? and if oDrive can not sync this file, and has given up, anything i can do to get it to retry?

  2. i always seem to have 50 in [WAITING], and 3 in [SYNCING CHANGES]. i am guessing the 50 in waiting is the “next in line” not total number of file that needs syncing? as it does not seem to shrink as the files are being uploaded. also, is there any way of inceasing number of simultaneous uploads to more than 3 for sake of performance?

  3. i also have over 5000 files in [TRASH BIN]. i understand why its there, and i am thinking of going premium for the automatic emptying of trash, but for the time being, is it best practice to empty it once in a while?

Thanks in advance for any info, tips!

Merry Christmas!

Hi @alteredgene,

  1. odrive will retry, but it is possible that it may not be able to resolve the conflict on its own. Are you able to tell what the nature of the conflict is? Are all of these files in the same folder?

  2. Correct. Waiting is the current queue, which can be dynamic if you have a lot of things to sync. You can’t adjust concurrency right now, but it is something we will have in our next major release, which is currently in development.

  3. Yes. Best practice is to verify the items in there are intended to be deleted on the cloud and then empty the trash to commit those items.

If you can send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu I can also take a deeper look.

Hi Tony! thank you for such prompt responce.

  1. yes i have reviewed the “conflicts” i do animation, editing, so often deal with large quantity of files. it seems all the conflicts are (that i can scroll down to in the list of 2000) mostly to do with “overwrites

A. i already have a file in amazon cloud, however, they are outdated. and i have a newer file, with the same file name in my LOCAL HDD, i am assuming that oDrive have picked up that there is a change in file, and have attempted to sync the changed file from my HDD to the amazon cloud drive, but have failed.

B. also wanted to note, that it seems that oDrive might be catching up. on my current uploading list, i am seeing above conflicted files popping up (though, i am not entirely sure its the same files, as the uploading does not show the full directory). but oddly, never on my waiting list.

C. so the feeling / guess i am making is that the conflicted list is a log of conflicted files, but oDrive will still try its best to upload? and is currently doing so?

i have just submitted diagnostic, not sure how you can match it to my account, but i am using the same email account in the forum account do oDrive account.

All in all, loving oDrive, but would be awesome if we can get bit more comprehensive LOG or LIST of conflicts, and current status in a table form, so its bit easier to understand.

again, thank you for your assistance, look forward to your continued support

Hi Tony, just to add bit more information.

i have kept a close eye on oDrive, and noticed the following.

  1. when i restart the computer, oDrive conflicted list is 0.

  2. and i start seeing oDrive trying to upload the forementioned conflicted file (again, not showing up on waiting list, but only on syncing list. and percentage goes up, i am assuming its uploading.

  3. and when it reaches 100% and disapears from the syncing list.

  4. conflicted list number goes up by one, and i am assuming that file is now listed in the conflicted menu (sorry its hard to test as i have large number of them)

  5. and this repeats to all the files, i am assuming it will eventually get back to 2000+ as per before.

  6. assumption, it seems that oDrive is having difficulty overwriting files in amazon drive, but good news is that it is keeping track of what still needs to be done, but is still failing to complete the sync.


Hi @alteredgene,
I took a look at the diagnostic and this is something I have seen before, but I’ve never been able to capture the moment where it starts. It seems that odrive uploads files/folders, but there is an exception thrown. odrive thinks the files has not been uploaded, but it has already (despite the exception Amazon correctly processed the file). Now we get stuck in this upload loop where Amazon rejects the upload because it already exists.

We can combat this by accounting for this scenario and correcting the issue on the fly. I have a dev ticket for it, but it may take some time to get in.

For now, I think what you can do is take the files that are having issues out of the folder (move them to a temporary folder outside of odrive) wait for the list to clear in the tray menu, then move them back in. Can you give that a shot?

It looks like most of the items that are hitting the conflict exception are in Amazon Cloud Drive/illuminix-xarchiveCurrent/xarchive-projects/AABB01-PNM2/processedPNG-final/VA/