Using edge location for OneDrive syncing

MS OneDrive sync program uses MS edge location here in Hong Kong to transfer files to/from OneDrive cloud. Edge location is to which I have only 3ms latency.
On the other hand, odrive connects directly to onedrive data center in US. Latency between HK and is ~ 215ms. For test, I uploaded two files in parallel to OneDrive and official client was more than ten times faster to upload 1GB file to OneDrive. Download was also faster, but the difference was not that dramatic. Also, the speed of MS OneDrive client was quite consistent, while odrive upload/download speed varied a lot (from 0kB/s to 3MB/s).

See iftop output:

Could odrive also use edge locations to perform sync with OneDrive?

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We are limited to the OneDrive API.

However, if the objective is pure performance, odrive gives you access other storage options … include storage sitting in your own LAN and datacenter.

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