Upload Hang at 100%


I’m syncing my Odrive, and large files tend to hang at 100% for (literally) days and never finish, my only option is to cancel sync and start over. Sometimes they hang again at 100%.

I’m uploading to Google Drive, and it usually seems to happen with larger files.

Hi @eshsdev,
How large are these files?

The next time you see this happen, can you take a screenshot of the upload status, where 100% is listed and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

I’m also having many problems trying to upload an huge library with many big files (1-15GB each), many times it appear stuck at 100%… i restarted it right now, i’ll let it running and take an screenshot and send a diagnostic when it happens again

Thanks @uilton.dev. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for further follow-up from you.

Here is the screenshot… and i sent the diagnostic also

Hi @uilton.dev,
It looks like the diagnostic didn’t come through, possibly because odrive is overwhelmed by data ingest and upload.

Is it possible for you to break up the dataset and let odrive work through it in chunks, rather than all at the same time?
Basically this just entails moving the folders that contain these large files out of odrive’s view, letting other items upload completely, then moving the remaining folders back in, in a piecemeal way, to alleviate the processing, scanning, and upload overhead.

Hello, i’m trying to use the odrive again, and still the same problem happens, sent the diagnostic again, not sure if it is really sent this time, i’ll let the program open more time before closing it this time

Hi @uilton.dev,
I took a look at the diagnostic. I don’t see anything that stands out, other than a session exception from Google. It’s possible that this is causing in-progress uploads to hangs when this occurs.

Once this happens, does it sit at 100% until you restart?
For the files that are at 100%, are they showing in the Google Drive web client as already uploaded, or are they still missing?
If you “Stop automatic sync” and then start it again, does that help to get things moving again?

I did not checked if the file was uploaded correctly, i was afraid that it could be corrupted
When i restart, i do not see any file at 100%, not sure if it restart the same file or assume it was completed and get next file (it was uploading many files)
about Stop automatic sync, did not tested it, just closed and opened the odrive again, currently i have no more files to test, i uploaded it externally, since it was taking many days to complete with odrive…

Hi @uilton.dev,
Thanks for the follow-up. If the file is up on Google, then it won’t be corrupt. It would just mean that the final commit response wasn’t coming through, or read as expected.

It sounds like you got it sorted, though, which is good to hear. Our next version will be much better at bulk uploading of large files.

I’m having this issue to. I restarted odrive and it started syncing again and got stuck at 100% again. This file is not showing up on google and I don’t think it’s uploading anything else.

Hi @anglalis,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and provide the file name so I can take a closer look?