Upload contents of folders recursively

I just downloaded odrive for Windows and set up an existing folder to sync to my Amazon account and was surprised to see that the only files being synced are the ones directly in that folder, and that none of the subfolders are being uploaded. Is there a way to automatically enable uploading of the subfolders of a synced folder?


Hi @laurelwen,
odrive should sync everything in that folder, including all subfolders and files.

It is possible that odrive was/is still scanning through the structure. It can take a while if it is large. Are you still seeing that only the top-level files have been synced?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?

The syncing is actually working, but it seems like it creates a lot of rar files that are not deleted. Is this normal?

Hi @laurelwen,
Rar files? odrive doesn’t create or use any rar files, so those must be coming from somewhere else. Can you provide a screenshot that I can look at?