Update Error in Odrive

I’m getting an access defined error.

Can provide log file if requested.

Please help asap… once the error occurs, I can’t use odrive until I restart.

I would definitely like to see the logfiles. There should be 2-3 logfiles that are created during install. They all begin with “odrive” and will be in the “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp” folder. If you sort by “Date modified” they should be towards the top.

This error indicates an issue with permissions, possibly during the portion where the installer is caching the files.

is it secure to send them to you through this interface?

The content of the logfiles is pretty benign, but you can send them to me via private message by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”

Looking at the logs it appears that the installer is having trouble dropping some temporary files into C:\ProgramData\Package Cache

Can you take a look at that location as see, first, if it exists? If it does, it may be a matter of permissions that are somehow messed up. We can first try installing as “administrator”. To do this you right-click on the installer and select “run as administrator”.

If the error still pops up, can you right-click on C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\ and select “Security” then click on “Administrators” and take a screenshot of that for me?

how do I get the installer file so that I can try to run it as administrator?

You can always grab the latest installers here: