Unsync seems to fail when done on a folder with a hierarchy several levels deep

Most of the time when I click unsync on a folder that has several levels of sub-directories and files, I usually get an error stating some kind of issue with permissions and then all of odrive shell options no longer appear when I right click on a folder. I usually have to close and restart odrive to be able to unsync again. A solution that I have found for the error appears to require the user to go the lowest sub-directory with files and start the unsync there. Once this unsync completes then the user has to go up one level at a time within the folder hierarchy doing an unsync each time you go up until you reach the top. This solution is a bit laborious and I would like to see this fix so you can just unsync on the folder you choose safely knowing that levels of sub-directories and files will also be properly unsynced as well.

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Generally the permission error indicates that something is holding a file or directory open. The error actually comes from the OS. If you are able to reproduce this, can you send a diagnostic with the path that you were trying to unsync?

Ok did it again and sent the diagnostic. Same error when trying to unsync several levels up in the file system hierarchy but works fine when you unsync one level up at a time.

Shoot. The diagnostic never showed up, at least from what I can tell. What is the local user name on that machine? Can you try repoing and sending one more time?


1:13AM Eastern time is the local time on my system.

Well I tried to sync a folder with several levels and went to unsync at the top and it worked just fine. I think it occurs when you add a new file to the folder hierarchy several levels down and then unsync at the top. I will have to try my hypothesis tomorrow.

Please ping here when you get a chance to try it out. Also, can you provide me the local user name on the system?

Well I have tried again without success. I tried to put a 1+GB video file in a directory that is several levels deep in my odrive folder. Once the file uploaded to the cloud, I went up to the highest level to unsync and I did not get the error. I am not sure what triggers the error. I have seen it several times since I have been using odrive but I am not able to recreate it on my own.

Well it just happened again. I click the send report option when the error popped up. The local user name is neomatrix\epris. Here is a link to a screenshot of the error > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzVqvazV8MPU1NNS0g2RmlOT2s/view?usp=sharing

I forgot to respond to this, but it is something I’ve been looking into. I am not able to reproduce what you are seeing, unfortunately.

It may require some additional troubleshooting steps when you hit it again, so we can try to explore where the issue is occurring. The next time it happens can you leave it that way and then we can try a few things?

Ok the error has happened again. I left the error pop up alone but I did click send diagnostic and the notice changed slightly. I did not click send report yet and I will try to leave it in this state until you tell me otherwise.

I suspect the error happens when you add several large files far down a folder nest. I have let these files sync back to the cloud with odrive and then when its complete I go to the top of the hierarchy and click unsync, this is when the error pops up.