Unsync option not available for all folders

Hi i have a folder called TV Shows which is synced to google drive. Inside that folder are folders containing each respective TV Show. The relative path follows TV SHOWS/SHOW NAME/SEASON/EPISODE. I want to unsync certain entire TV Shows and just a season or two on others. The problem is that unsync is not available for all folders. Only random ones. I don’t remember having this problem in the past and now I’m not getting all of the options. Any ideas?

What options are available when you click on those folders?

If you see a “stop sync” instead of “unsync” it means that there are active transfers going on in the structure, so it won’t be able to unsync until those have completed or are stopped.

I have seen some with no options at all and the others with a stop sync. Some of the folders and all files beneath all have the complete checkmark next to them and it will still not give me the option to unsync. I will give it a try again tonight when I get home and see what options I am specifically getting in relationship the other factors involved. To sum it up thought I was just going to unsync TV SHow folders that I knew were completed and already watched to free up space on the computer’s local plex server but at the same time keep the Plex Cloud library full of all Episodes.

Hi @nholloman,
Generally you can unsync synced sections, unless those sections have items that are busy syncing. When you get a chance, take a look and see what the status is and we can investigate further.