Unsync for a subfolder

is it possible to have an unsnyc’d new folder under a sync’d folder?

Also, can an unsync be completed without odrive deleting my local file versions?

For the first question: yes. By default new folders that are remotely added into a synced folder will show up as a placeholder (.cloudf).

For the second question, I don’t quite understand. Unsync is the action of removing the local content and replacing it with a placeholder file. Can you describe what you would like to see instead?


Ok, I understand the definition of Unsync, now.

If I want to no longer updated files or folders to be copied to the cloud after a first a copy is made, but I want to keep my local version, how do I “remove” the folder or files from the odrive sync process.

example, I’ve used Odrive to move many many GB of photos and videos of sports competitions to my cloud storage. I don’t edit or change the photos often if ever. However, the files sizes are large enough the viewing or showing slide shows over the net from the cloud is very slow. So I use local versions, but I know my backup copies are safe in the cloud.

how should I unlink them so they no longer sync.

I find odrive very helpful in moving my photos and videos around. way better than explorer or the cloud UIs.

Is your concern that some files will be inadvertently changed locally and then synced and you want to protect against that?