Universal Sync Folder: Still storing locally

Hi, I have the universal sync folder. In that folder I have, among other things, my dropbox account linked. And it is synced. When I add a file to the dropbox folder that sits in that universal sync folder, a copy of the file is also added to the folder called “dropbox” that sits on my hard drive (users --> [my user name] --> dropbox) and thus taking up local storage space. Is the piece that I am missing that once dropbox sits within the universal sync folder then I should delete the dropbox folder from the hard drive? Thanks for clarifying

Hi @froikjer,
the odrive client is meant to replace the Dropbox client (and Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). Once you have odrive setup and are happy with the way things are working you can uninstall the desktop clients it is replacing, like the Dropbox desktop client.

@Tony Thanks Tony. Just to make sure I am not deleting anything that cannot restore: See attached. Based on what you are saying, since odrive is now working I can delete the folder highlighted?



Hi @froikjer,
Take a look at this page from Dropbox on the proper way to uninstall: https://www.dropbox.com/help/desktop-web/uninstall-dropbox